Cloud Managed Wifi

Dorset WiFi's smart access points, enclosures and cloud controller work seamlessly to deploy enterprise-grade wireless networks at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional networks. We monitor all of our networks for torrenting, bandwidth hogs and other security issues. We help fight security issues for peace of mind.



We protect you from torrenting, bandwidth hogs, IP client isolation and much more.

Client Isolation

You might not know it but when you connect to a public WiFi access point your device can be seen by anyone else connected to it. That also includes hackers. We use state of the art technology so nobody can see you and you can't see anybody else. This protects your mobile or other devices with sensitive information like bank apps, passwords stored on devices and more.

Illegal Websites

Have you ever received a copyright infringement notice? It's a massive problem when offering free WiFi. Clients can connect to your public WiFi and download anything they want. Dorset WiFi prevents clients from accessing websites that can be used to share copyrighted material. In the eyes of the law it is your responsibility when offering public WiFi to prevent against this.

Fully Managed

Doset WiFi prevents all hackers and illegal usage on your network. We monitor your network for this type of traffic and can instantly block clients from the network if they are doing anything illegal.

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Customer WiFi? Only half the story

We take huge pride in installing WiFi in your business. WiFi can be the one thing you are sure customers will use if they are given the opportunity. Why would you just install simple WiFi when you can install smarter WiFi for the same cost with free cloud management?

Do you offer customer WiFi in a public business?

Stats for Facebook WiFi

We use Facebook authentication with our WiFi. It's very simple. The business has a Facebook page. The customer comes into a business and looks for WiFi. At this point you will be wishing you have Dorset WiFi installed in your business.

Stats for Facebook WiFi